Monday, February 20, 2012

Mac-n-Cheese and Lemonade Cake

So I have an exciting new idea that I have been doing with my bean pot! I started making my box of mac and cheese in the bean pot in the microwave. I put in the noodles and some water, microwave for 5 mins first and then about 3-4 more! This way I don't have to wait for water to boil! I then drain the water and mix the rest up in the bean pot! My girls can have their "favorite" meal in 10 mins!!

Lemonade Cake
1 lemon cake prepared according to package
Mix up in the bean pot and cover with saran wrap and microwave for 8 mins.
1/2 can of pink lemonade concentrate mixed with 1 cup of powedered sugar
Pour this over the cake while poking holes in the cake.
Microwave again for 4 more mins uncovered!
This cake is great with cool whip or ice cream! Very refreshing with all the hot weather we have been having!

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